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MF Championships

Registration: 8.30am : Line-up: 9:15am : Finish: 4:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: An individual form must be completed for each competitor, the Liability checkbox must be completed individually.

  • All competitors must bring their licenses with them on the day of the competition; licenses will be checked at registration.
  • All students must wear full Matt Fiddes white / leadership uniform + belt.
  • The organiser of the competition reserves the right to adjust the age/grade categories on the day of the tournament according to the entries received. If there are not enough competitors in your belt category you will be given the opportunity of moving up to the next category.


£35 Per entry (you can enter as many categories as you like)
£10 Per Spectator
Free T-Shirt if you enter before the 31st of August.

  • Students competing in the Kick-Boxing Drill category cannot compete in the Forms category. Students must choose: Forms or KB Drill.
  • Mighty Matts competing in competing in the Kick-Boxing Drill category will only perform Part 1 (moves 1-5)

BOOKING DETAILS - Complete the form below, starting with the person making this booking, please complete all the fields.

PLEASE NOTE: Spectators Under 10 go FREE and do not need to be included below.

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Liability and Injury Waiver
The participant agrees to comply with the rules of the Tournament and acknowledges that the competition is physical and therefore participation in such competition can result in injury. The competitor hereby waives any claim for any injury or accident at this.
NB. These events are filmed and photographed for social media and marketing purposes.