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COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus is very much front and centre in our thoughts at the moment and it is likely to stay that way for some considerable time. We know that both our students and our staff will be concerned about what the future will bring. We hold a duty of care to you, our students, and our staff and want to provide an environment where, as much as possible, it is life as usual and that we all keep healthy.

We are following government advice through its public information and guidelines.

If you wish to refresh what the government is saying at any time please visit link below.

UK Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

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Welcome to the official Matt Fiddes website

You have arrived at the online home of one of the world's biggest and most recognised chains of Martial Arts Schools, ​ ​Matt Fiddes Martial Arts, founded in 1996.

Matt Fiddes & the MF Brand

Matt Fiddes is one of the most respected Fitness and Martial Arts Experts in the world.  Having been established for 20 years, Matt Fiddes has built a global Fitness Empire with over 700 schools in the UK and worldwide.

The Matt Fiddes brand has continued to evolve and after being honoured at the highest level for his Martial Arts achievements and classes, the Award Winning Celebrity Trainer and Martial Arts Guru, has grown the organisation's offering. As well as MF Junior Martial Arts and Adults only classes, Matt Fiddes is now at the forefront of Dance, Pilates, Ladies Only Kickboxing and Performing Arts, to name a few.

Catering to everyone, the MF brand devise the most effective and trusted group training programmes to cater to men, women and children of all ages.



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Interested in a Franchise?

The Matt Fiddes Group has a range of franchise opportunities in the Martial Arts, Street Dance and Pilates industries. Please contact us to start your MF journey today.

Thank you #businessleader magazine for featuring our MF live classes and MF online are! 
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MF Live and MF online! 
Thank your for your amazing feedback and pictures! 
All of our MF team are working around the clock to entertain, teach and offer you and your children the best education we can! Great to see its being appreciated! Which part of the MF experience are you enjoying the most? 
#cornavirus #isolation #parents #students #testimonials #education #fun #entertainment #lifeskills #selfdefense #martialarts #mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #mfdance #letsbeatthistogether
Amazing videos! Please watch them all! 👍🏼🙏🏼 Thank you to all the amazing parents and students for your amazing feedback and videos on our MF LIve feeds and MF Online website to keep you all learning and staying healthy and entertained while we are in isolation! Thank you to all my team who are working so hard to give you the best experience! Who is enjoying our MF Live and MF online classes? 
#mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #martialarts #coronavirus #isolation #staysafe #stayhome #mflive #online #mfonline #fitness #health #education #letsbeatthis #stayactive #lockdown
Thank you for your feedback parents and students! Appreciate your videos re our MF live and MF Online programmes. We will post more of your videos as they come in! 
Your MF team are working so hard to bring you the best education!  MF🥋
#mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #mfdance #online #mfonline #mflive #isolation #coronavirus #health #children #fitness #education #lifeskills
Repost @lizziecundy What a lovely man my dear friend @officialmattfiddes is!
Wonderful to see that he is giving all his students online live streamed classes straight into their homes during this lockdown period.
Lots of children having nothing to do and stuck indoors due to #coronavirus. His @mfmartialartshq classes teach essential life skills and helps with their mental wellbeing and increases fitness levels.
Go to  Matt’s IG bio for the online link. He is giving everyone a free taster session xxx #mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #mentalhealth #isolation #corona #wewillgetthroughthis 💪🏻❤️#lizziecundy #mattfiddes
Here is myself and my late superstar friend and client @michaeljackson coming through Heathrow Airport Customs after landing from New York on a private visit. He used to get slammed by everyone for wearing his face mask! Now everyone especially at airports are wearing face masks! Did he know something we don’t? Always ahead of his time and his knowledge was unbelievable! Great to see his estate has made a huge donation today to fight the Coronavirus virus. If he were alive today I can assure you he would be spending all day and night on fighting it and fundraising right now! Man with a big heart! #rip #michaeljackson #cornavirus #mjfam
MF online classes across the globe keeping children healthy both mentally and physically! We got this! #mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #martialarts #fitness #mentalhealth #education #coronavirus #health #lockdown #parents #children #lockdown #isolation #mffamily #wegotthis
Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful supportive Wife @officialmoniqefiddes your our strength to keep everything together for the family while I am focusing to help others during the #coronavirus #pandemic we love you! Best Mum and Step Mum ever to our children ❤️❤️xxx #mothersday #mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #family #mffamily #mum #wife
Exercise within social distance guidelines for the sake of your families physical and mental health! 
Glorious sunshine and it looks like this is forecasted until Thursday. 
So at least do something to lift the mood and stay healthy and calm. 
If you can. Take advantage of today to recharge with your families as best you can.

Get some fresh air and vitamin D - Go for a walk or a bike ride or jog. Or if your part of my organisation practice your martial arts or dance drills in a safe place on top of your online lessons live feeds to your houses around the world! 
Just one point to make - be extra thoughtful with your Social 
Avoid unnecessary contact with other families. It’s easy to find a space. And if the weather is too bad I will be posting some things you can do at home if your not one of my students with access to our live lessons from their instructors each day. 
Get creative with how you can keep your family healthy with a few hours exercise each day as a doubt one. 
Indoors our outdoors. Just get moving! 
I have been surprised by how strong public feeling on this is - even in my own wider MF organisation circle. 
Just play it safe! We want this #coronavirus over! 
#mentalhealth is just as important as #physicalhealth and being stuck in doors is not healthy! It will have a negative effect on your family. 
Make the effort to get the family moving. Your heart pumping and not your not stressing or panicking.

I found an area on which I can take my children and wife too and spend a few hours walking.

And in my families case clearly they love #martialarts I am keeping them heathy and both mentally and physically and they enjoy these indoor out door activities more so than stuck indoors on the PlayStation or Netflix!! Keep your immune system strong through exercise! So important so we beat this virus as quick as we can! 
What are you all doing to stay active using social distancing guidelines? 
I will be posting some exercise tips for indoors or outdoors while we are in this unusual situation. So please follow and stay safe. 
#mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #martialarts #stayactive #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #beatcoronavirus👊👊👊#advice
Lessons across the country as normal! Just direct to the homes! 🥋Keeping children and adults fit and healthy during this tough time via live streaming our Matt Fiddes Martial arts and MFdance classes to over 100k members direct from our instructors to the members living room! Always the leaders! We won’t let the #coronaviruspandemic stop our members be educated and stay fit and healthy! #mattfiddes #mattfiddesmartialarts #martialarts #mfdance #homelessons #education #coronavirus #health #selfdefense #exercise #stayhealthy #staysafe #childrensactivities #industryleaders #fitness #mentalhealthawareness #safteyfirst


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